Monday, March 14, 2011

The 10 commandments of Social Media for Retailers

“Our head of #social media is the customer.” – McDonald’s. If you believe in such a statement, then below are your 10 commandments that help enforce the credibility of your brand as well as build a healthy and engaging atmosphere. A definitive must, since statistics have revealed that 51% of people who follow a brand, will purchase from that same brand.
  1. You shall balance out your hearing and listening skills
  2. You shall create a dialog, and never a monologue
  3. Do not take the name of your brand in vain, and do not take it personal
  4. You shall honor your followers, whether praising or criticizing you
  5. You shall not compare two or more items/topics suggested by your followers and present your opinion
  6. You shall not take side in any discussion that arises involving politics, religion, controversial topics (ethnic differences, animal care, sex, violence...etc...)
  7. You shall not attempt to be funny by stating jokes, using sarcasm or other common methods as hilarity is relative
  8. You shall not delete any post from your followers, without clearly stating the reasons
  9. You shall not flirt with your follower, nor comment on their profile picture
  10. You shall not treat SEO and SMO independently

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