Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enough of top reasons...

"Top 10 reasons you should be on social media", "Best 6 ways to engage with your Twitter followers", "5 Ways to have your Blog rank high", "12 Tips to make your website show on the first page"...Top 4....20 ways... 99 reasons....etc... I think it is about time we stop with those posts about how to excel with SEO and SMO in X number of simple ways, because apparently, many have tried and few have managed to get there. Example:
Try Google-ing "Retail", the #1 result has h1  tags properly defined, and hey, guess what? The #2355 result has also the h1 tag properly defined. See, it is not magical!

Same thing applies with social media; it is not about following a rigid set of procedures that is applicable everywhere, anywhere and anytime. Yet, it is all about Communication. I always like to compare online social media to off-line activities: Typically in Lebanon, when guests come in to your home, you are most likely to follow this high level procedure:
Greet / Eat / Eat More / Eat Further / Coffee/Tea / Dessert / Coffee/Tea / Goodbye
Along the way, things might change, you adapt, you communicate better, you engage and then proceed. In other words, am sure you would not drop in panic mode if one of your guests does not like coffee, correct?

The point is, in social media, there IS a scientific way of handling things, but it is simply not magical, or something that you would follow and hit success whenever you do it. Rather, you invite your audience, you learn more about them, you talk to them, you adapt, you influence, you advise, you listen, you improve, you build and you create the link....COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

Similarly, when it comes to SEO, am not going to delve into details here, but I would love to hear User Experience, Traffic, Density, Referrals, Bounce Rate, Retention, in SEO posts, rather than h1 tags, title tag and the image alt attribute...etc... You get my point :)

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