Saturday, December 25, 2010

And who will tweet my tweets?

You have setup your Twitter corporate page, invited your friends, colleagues, clients and partners to join; You even sent out a newsletter asking people to join, you added the link on your email signature, your website, your blog and your Facebook page. It is all going well, yet you are unable to grow your twitter page even further. It appears that you are fun, you are posting interesting stuff and hash tagging carefully. It is all going well, but you want a further growth in your twitter followers.

An excellent approach is to get influential public figures to talk about you, or maybe re-tweet your tweets...yeah, like this was easy!

So the question lies: How to get them tweet about me, or re-tweet my tweets?
Here are some possible options:
1. Press release / News articles (joint, combined or referencing them)
2. Active Public Forums participations (Maybe their BLOGS)
3. Ask them! (or more likely post about them)
4. Pay them! (Humm....really?)
5. Beg them! (or get marked as Spam)

Influential figures do have a solid impact on their social environment, getting them to talk/tweet about you will surely boost your credibility and number of followers....As a simple example, imagine your current Boss at work tweeting that he "likes" a new website, intuitively, you will go and check it out....Question is: "How to get your Boss and a lot of others do that"...

Food for thoughts!

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